Spread the word about 50 years of nurture

Invite a local representative to see the work you do

As part of our celebrations of 50 years of nurture, this year is the perfect time to invite your Member of Parliament (MP), Welsh Assembly Member (AM), Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) or local councillors to your nurture programme to see the positive impact all your work is having for your pupils.

By showing one of your local representatives what you do on a day-to-day basis you will be helping raise the profile of nurture in the heart of national and local government, which will be a part of our efforts to make sure every child who needs nurture provision can access it. If you would like, it can also be a great opportunity to publicise your work in the local paper.

You can set out your visit however you think best. In the past, politicians visiting schools have enjoyed spending some time observing a nurture group, speaking to children in the groups or to those who have been in a nurture group in the past, and have also found it useful to round off the visit by speaking to the nurture staff about their work.

If you would like us to support you to organise a visit for your local representatives we’d love to help.  Please get in touch via info@nurtureuk.org with some dates when the school could receive a visit (MPs tend to be free on Fridays!) in at least a month’s time.

Support our campaigns

Throughout the year we will be campaigning to increase access to nurture interventions and for more support to be available to support and encourage schools to #AspireNotToExclude and there will be key moments where your help in writing to your local politicians in support will be invaluable. To keep updated, check this page for updates and follow us on Twitter.