Welsh national conference
23 May 2019

A national approach for a nurturing education

- tackling adverse childhood experiences


The Angel Hotel, Cardiff

(Please note this conference will be delivered in English, unless otherwise stated)

Who should attend?


This conference is suitable for all education professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the needs of vulnerable children and young people. We welcome nurture professionals, classroom teachers, teaching assistants, SENCos, Educational Psychologists, senior leadership professionals, university students and independent consultants working to gain a better understanding of nurture and ACEs or furthering their continuing professional development through a series of keynotes, workshops and networking sessions. 


Conference contributors


During the conference, we will be joined by a number of professionals working in a variety of roles in the sector, who will be offering their expertise and advice on working to break down barriers to learning for children and young people in Wales.

Yvonne Monaghan (Head of Consultancy, nurtureuk) will be delivering a talk 'From Sticking Plaster to Strategy' discussing how a nurturing approach can transform your whole school improvement plan and ensure the well being of all school stakeholders and beneficiaries is taken care of, from pupils to parents and teachers to admin staff and caretakers - everyone should benefit from a nurturing approach. 

Kath Bevan (Equity & Wellbeing Lead, Education Achievement Service (EAS)) is currently on secondment from her role as Head Teacher at Pillgwenlly primary, a large primary school based in Newport. In her role at EAS, Kath works to ensure the wellbeing of pupils in education is well looked after. As part of objective three in the National Mission, wellbeing is a national priority in education and a new area of learning in the curriculum. Kath will discuss the importance of wellbeing as part of the national picture for education in Wales. 

Richard Lloyd (Team Inspector, Estyn)

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Break out sessions

Yvonne Monaghan (Head of Consultancy, nurtureuk) will give practitioners a practical insight into Dr. Tina Rae’s resource ‘60 Motivational Minutes’’. The resource introduces students to the key insights of positive psychology; i.e. the importance of being connected to others, making and keeping friends , using and  celebrating strengths and holding a thoughtful attitude rather than being reactive to whatever happens to us. “The 60 Motivational Minutes activities aim to teach students the skills that are essential for building optimism and resilience, how to recognise and combat negative thoughts that bring about loss of self- esteem and even depression and to understand that there are certain ways of thinking that they can employ to make their lives go better.” (Rae, 2017)

Rae, T. (2017) 60 Motivational Minutes: Using Tools of Positive Psychology in the Nurture Group. London: nurtureuk.

Sian Griffiths (Education Lead, ACE Hub Wales) will introduce the ACE (adverse childhood experiences) study in Wales and discuss the findings with delegates. The ACE Support Hub has been set up in Cardiff with the aim to support schools, housing, youth and skills building. Sian will discuss the aims over the next 18 months of the Hub giving delegates an insight into how the Bridgend Early Intervention study led to a National Roll out for education.

Tracey Pead (Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Transformation Lead, South East Region - Welsh Government) joins us to discuss the Welsh Government ALN reforms, which are the biggest shake-up of special needs education in thirty years. In her role, Tracey delivers on the ALN transformation programme by supporting local authorities, Schools, early years settings, further education, local health boards, and provides a strategic interface between delivery partners and Welsh Government. The vision for the future of ALN within Wales is to deliver a fully inclusive education system for the learners of Wales. A system where needs are identified early, addressed quickly and all learners supported to reach their potential. Tracey will discuss the ALN reforms, and what schools can do to meet the need of ALN students through a person centred approach. 

Ellen Jones (Acting Deputy Head and ALN Co-ordinator, Ysgol Maesincla) will introduce Ysgol Maesincla's journey from starting a nurture groups through to embedding the six principles of nurture across the whole school with the aim of becoming a nationally recognised nurturing school. 

Please note the above session will be delivered in Welsh only. 

Claire Wilson - (Trainer & Consultant, nurtureuk) will talk about snack time in a nurture setting and how it is often misunderstood by those who are unfamiliar with nurture practice. “Its rewarding bad behaviour” or “I wish I had time for a tea party.” are common misperceptions most practitioners will have heard at some point. This workshop focuses on the importance of snack time in nurture settings and discusses why it is such a vital part of nurture curriculum. It aims to explain the theory and research behind the snack time routine and will be helpful to nurture practitioners to ensure that there is a whole school understanding of the rationale for the learning experiences of the nurture group. The workshop will also have practical tips for making snack time a structured and meaningful event and highlights the important part it plays in addressing the Boxall Profile. Suitable for experienced or new practitioners. 

The Angel Hotel
Castle St,

United Kingdom
Start time
8:30 am
End time
3:30 pm
Phone: 02034758980
Email: conferences@nurtureuk.org
Welsh conference first delegate (includes VAT) £ 114.00
Additional delegate (Includes VAT) £ 90.00