The 3rd volume of the IJNE

5th June 2017

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our third annual issue of the International Journal of Nurture in Education. The current issue is a special edition focusing on the unique and valuable viewpoint of the reflective practitioner researcher. It is devoted to those who are backing up practice with their own school and classroom based research, often as part of a further research degree. 

The current issue is freely accessible here

Each of the four papers explores the value of nurture groups, although each has its own unique characteristics.

Lisa Lyon's paper "A pilot study of the effectiveness of a nurture group in a secondary special school" explores the outcomes of a nurture group running in a special school. 

Jacqueline Perkins's paper "Improving our practice: a small-scale study of a secondary nurture group" investigates the motivation and achivement of pupils attending a nurture group compared to pupils with similar background who did not receive nurture provision. 

Fiona Durrant's paper "Nurture and youth work: aiding transition" compares and contrasts the work of nurture groups and youth work, highlighting how each type of support could benefit from expertise exchange. 

Last but not least, Carol Kennedy's paper "Knitting and nurturing: a qualitative account of staff reflections on knitting with pupils" focuses on the outcomes of knitting within a nurture group.

The contributors have all carried out their own small scale research and we hope that their example will lead to other practitioners incorporating research into their classrooms and schools to improve practice and understanding. We are grateful to busy practitioners for a varied and useful range of papers that could only be produced by reflective, insider researchers. 


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