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Children and young people in schools are facing a crisis where there is no funding to adequately support their individual needs. Currently, the average classroom of pupils in the UK will have:


Due to lack of awareness, adequate training and funding for schools, children are not being supported appropriately to work through the difficulties they are facing. 

The support that nurtureuk and nurturing interventions in schools provide is invaluable to the children and young people all over the UK who are currently at risk of or in exclusion. They also serve children and young people still in schools but display some form of barrier to learning that is preventing them from engaging and building positive relationships with their peers and teachers, so they may have the best start in education and in life.

Watch Shanes' story to see how being a part of a nurture group supported him to overcome issues at home and help with his anger management. 


With your support, we will work to ensure that every child in the UK goes to a nurturing school and has access to nurturing interventions as and when they need them. Please consider making a donation today so every single child is valued, supported and happy.

Thank you.