Keeping your fundraising legal

Whatever event you are running, you need to ensure you are abidding by the law. We have compiled a few key points, however do always check with the relevant bodies to ensure that your fundraising events are legal and safe. 

Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

Whilst this is a fun way to raise money, it is a highly regulated area so make sure you get it right!

  • Tickets cannot be sold by under 16’s.

  • You must apply to your local authority or council for a license for any public lottery or raffle – however if it is a private event e.g tickets are sold to members of a private club or work colleagues, then a license is not required.

  • Small raffles held as a part of a larger event are fine, however the sale of tickets and announcement of results must occur during the event and there must not be cash prize.


  • You must be 18 years of age to collect money in London and 16 years of age elsewhere.

  • Collections on private property, like a supermarket or a station, require permission from the manager of the premises.

  • Collections on the street require a licence from the local authority or the police


  • As your event has not been organised or controlled by Nurture UK, we cannot accept any liability for any event you organise, so it is important that you secure appropriate insurance cover. Contact your local authority to check whether you will need to take out the appropriate public liability insurance for any public event.

  • Most venues will have their own insurance and you will need to check any liabilities to the public are covered to protect yourself as well as your audience.

Food hygiene and alcohol

  • If there will be food at your event then every person involved in the preparation and serving must have a basic understanding of food hygiene. Please take care when handling it and be mindful of basic rules for safe preparation, storage, display and cooking.

  • You will need a licence if you have alcohol at your event – unless you hold your event on licensed premises or by ask a local pub to organise a bar at your venue. Otherwise you’ll need to submit a “Temporary Event Notice” to the local District Borough Unitary Council to apply for a temporary licence.

Health and safety

  • It is important that you protect yourself and your supports. Please do not do anything unsafe or illegal as Nurture UK cannot be held responsible.

  • You can ascertain the risks involved in your event by completing a risk assessment – this will enable you to consider how any risks are going to be minimised and how to deal with emergencies.


If you are planning on having any form of entertainment (music and dancing) at a venue that does not have a Public Entertainments Licence, you will need to get one from your local authority (licences are free for events with charitable purposes).


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