About the Week

Nurtureuk launched the first ever Nurture Week in 2018 as a continuation of the successful six principles of nurture week the previous year. Nurture Week was established as a way of highlighting the significant gap in educational support for children with special educational needs or at risk of exclusion. During the week, 1,000’s schools throughout the UK come together to celebrate the nurturing approach in their school, showcasing how an inclusive ethos, layers of intervention and additional support in school can significantly reduce exclusion and support every single child to reach their full potential. 

Based on the second principle of nurture, ‘the classroom offers a safe base’, we’re focusing on what a feeling safe at school might feel like.

What does #SafeAtSchool mean for pupils, parents and school staff?

Nurture Week is an opportunity to find out exactly what makes all of us feel safe in school, championing the successes and identifying areas to work on and improve. It’s a time to bring the wider community in and celebrate what brings us together and go the extra mile for the children and young people who need additional support.

We’re asking every school/parent/pupil/staff member to evaluate what makes them feel safe at school, and share their experiences and ideas so we can continually evolve and celebrate the school environment, knowing it is as inclusive and supportive as it can be.

Tell us about your plans for the week and share with us what makes you feel Safe@School using the hashtag #SafeAtSchool on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 



We need all the help we can get to ensure that more children than ever before have access to a nurturing education. While you’re celebrating, please consider fundraising for nurtureuk. Fundraising for nurtureuk means that we can continue to support, train and provide resources to schools in deprived areas to adopt nurturing approaches and implement interventions reaching more children in need of a nurturing education.