Fundraise for nurtureuk

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Download our handy guide here
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Download the materials templates here

Calling all nurturing schools, we need your help!

Funding nurturing interventions and approaches in schools can be difficult. In times of limited funding for schools, nurturing interventions can often be one of the first initiatives to be cut, despite evidence showing how cost effective they are.

Fundraising for nurtureuk means that we can continue to support, train and provide resources to schools in deprived areas to adopt nurturing approaches and implement interventions reaching more children in need of a nurturing education.

We’re asking nurturing schools up and down the country to help us raise money during nurture week so we can support underfunded schools with high levels of need who need our help to provide a nurturing education.

We have put together a range of materials for schools to use to fundraise in your community and a guide for planning your fundraising activities. In the materials pack you will find:

  • Event poster

  • Celebration bunting

  • Folding price cards

  • DIY money box

  • Sponsorship form

  • Certificate

We are incredibly grateful to schools for your support. With your help, we can spread the nurturing ethos to more schools than ever before. 

Don't forget to let us know about your fundraising activities, and please send in any suggestions or success stories using the hashtag #SafeAtSchool. Please also do not hesitate to get in touch if you need some advice or guidance, we are always here to help.