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During Nurture Week, on Wednesday 22 May, we will be launching the results of our pilot, the Boxall Childhood Project. Help us spread the word by asking your MP to attend our launch in Parliament. Read more to find out how.


Parliamentary launch of nurtureuk report - Let your MP know!

We'd love it if you could let your MP know about the upcoming launch of ‘Now you see us: Identifying and responding to the scale of social, emotional and mental health needs in primary school children’, and encourage them to attend to find out more about the Boxall Profile, and whole school nurture approaches.

Over the past few years, the 'Boxall Childhood project' has been studying the benefits of assessing the mental and emotional health of every pupil in schools.  The project has involved schools in Halton, Wigan, Barking and Dagenham using the Boxall Profile, nutureuk’s unique educational psychologist-designed assessment tool to gain an understanding of the mental health and wellbeing needs of every learner in their schools. Already the most used method to assess learners’ mental health needs (DfE, Supporting mental health in schools and colleges: pen portraits of provision), this new project has piloted using the Boxall Profile to assess the social, emotional and mental health needs of every pupil in the schools participating in the study.

The report: ‘Now you see us: Identifying and responding to the scale of social, emotional and mental health needs in primary school children’ will look at how using the Boxall Profile has helped schools recognise the needs of their pupils a plan interventions for their classes. 

The launch event will be held in the Jubilee Room, Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 22nd May at 10:00 am. As well as hearing the overall conclusions from the trial, MPs will be able to hear first-hand from teachers about how it helped teachers plan interventions and adopt a whole-school approach to their learners’ wellbeing. The launch event will be chaired by Derek Twigg MP with speakers from William Bellamy Primary School in Dagenham and All Saints Upton Primary School in Halton, who will be discussing their experiences of the study, along with data analysis presented by nurtureuk’s Head of Research Dr Florence Ruby.

As the launch will be taking place during Nurture Week 2019  there will be an opportunity for MPs to have them photo taken supporting Nurture Week, should they wish.

It would be fantastic if you could contact your local MP, letting them know about the event, and encouraging them to attend to learn more about the Boxall Profile and whole-school nurture approaches, as well as showing their support for Nurture Week 2019.  You can find out who the MP for your school is, and their email address by putting the postcode in here: https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ 

Do take the opportunity to let them know about nurture at your school and your own experiences of using the Boxall Profile.  


Thank you!