Claire Wilson

Photo of Claire Wilson

Claire has been involved with nurtureuk for many years. She had a long career as a Nurture Group Practitioner and as an Associate Trainer for the charity, before joining the…

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Emily Huggett

Photo of Emily Huggett

Emily joined the nurtureuk team in 2021 and is based in the North West of England. She moved up north in 2011 to study Fashion Design and Marketing, and went…

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Annette Adkins

Photo of Annette Adkins

Annette joined nurtureuk in 2021, having previously worked as an Executive Assistant, providing supporting at a senior level for organisations in both the private and public sectors, including the NHS…

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Arti Sharma

Portrait of our CEO, Arti Sharma

Arti has always been passionate about education and the development of young people. Before becoming our CEO in 2020, she was a nurtureuk trustee and the Deputy Chief Executive for…

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