join our campaign reduce exclusions aspirenottoexclude

Join our campaign to reduce exclusions! #AspireNotToExclude

We want to end permanent exclusions in the UK through universal access to nurturing interventions for all pupils.

There are 35 exclusions every school day[i], most of these children have SEND needs and the most common reason stated for exclusions is ‘persistent disruptive behaviour’. Behaviour in school is intrinsically linked to good teaching and the ability of a child to access their learning. Children exhibit behavioral difficulties, but the issue can lie further back in the failure to meet their educational needs. If greater emphasis were placed on looking at the underlying causes of behaviour fewer children would be excluded.

Excluded pupils are likely to suffer long-term mental health problems, fail to achieve basic levels of numeracy and literacy, struggle to gain qualifications needed to access work, and to be repeatedly involved in crime. This has significant societal and economic cost.

We are launching our first ever external facing campaign #AspireNotToExclude. This will draw attention to benefits that nurturing interventions bring in supporting children with social emotional and behavioural needs and reducing exclusions.

“Nurture groups, where they were used, were highly effective in improving children’s behaviour and preventing exclusion.” Ofsted (2009): The exclusion from school of children aged 4 to 7


“Nurture has been a substantial part of a success story in education in the city which can point to a clear reduction in pupil exclusions, an increase in attendance and a dramatic improvement in Glasgow establishments’ capacity to hold on to the most vulnerable young people.” March et. Al., Glasgow Psychology Services (2017): A psychological service contribution to nurture: Glasgow's Nurturing city


To kick off the campaign, we ask you to take part in the timely Department for Education Exclusion Review (the Timpson Review). You can do so in the following ways:

  1. Send a short video of yourself sharing how nurture has helped reduce exclusions in your school including the #AspireNotToExclude hashtag on social media.
  2. Download an #AspireNotToExclude poster and share selfies with the hashtag on social media. You can download a colouring in version in A3 or A4 or one that is coloured in for you here. 
  3. Download a copy of the letter to send directly to the Exclusion Review (England Only).  Deadline Sunday 6 May.

[i] Gill, K., Quilter-Pinner, H., Swift, D., (2017) Making the Difference. Breaking the link between School Exclusion and Social Exclusion