IJNE Volume 5 – 2019

The International Journal of Nurture in Education (Volume 5)

We are delighted to present the fifth volume of the International Journal of Nurture in Education - the only journal solely dedicated to research on the nurturing approach. We are proud of the contributions made by our authors who provide an in-depth examination of different themes dear to nurture practitioners.

Many thanks to all the authors who contributed their research to this issue. We hope you will find it informative and you will enjoy reading it!

All contributions are subject to peer review.

Topics that are covered in this volume include:

  • Sylvia Lucas, one of the first nurture practitioners who started running nurture groups in the 1970s, shares her insights into how nurture theory and practice were first developed.
  • Maura Kearney and Gail Nowek provide a countrywide perspective and map the development of nurturing approaches across Scotland.
  • Amy Gibb and Richard Lewis use psychodynamic and attachment theories to map the journey to establish a close relationship between nurture child and practitioner.
  • Andrea Middleton examines the wellbeing of nurture group practitioners and interventions to support it.
  • Rebecca Hibbin explores the importance of positive language and communication for nurturing and restorative approaches.
  • Griselda Kellie-Smith, Andrea Perry and Michele Crooks provide an overview of the programme Babywatching, a whole-class nurturing intervention to develop children's social and emotional skills.