The first Boxall Nurture Hub®


We are delighted to share with you all our plans to open the first ever Boxall Nurture Hub®.


For the last six months, we have been developing the structure of how best to support children and young people at high risk of exclusion. The most vulnerable, disadvantaged children in our society are being let down by our education system. In the 2015/2016 academic year, 6,685 children were permanently excluded from state funded education in England; this is an increase of almost 2,000 children from the 2013/14 academic year.

Norfolk recorded the second highest exclusion rate in 2015/2016. 247 children and young people were permanently excluded, with ‘persistent disruptive behaviour’ cited as the most frequently listed reason. Currently in Norfolk, there are over 100 children not accessing any form of statutory education or support as a result of their exclusion. There is no adequate alternative provision for children and young people who have been excluded.

NGN aims to reduce these alarmingly high exclusion rates by 50% before the end of 2021.

We will do this by setting up the first Boxall Nurture Hub® in Norwich. The Hub is a three-year pilot project designed to support and re-engage children at high risk of exclusion, while still accessing education in their school. Children in crisis will come to the nurture group that will run within the Hub to the quality Boxall Nurture Group® standards. The nurture group will run for four half days a week, with children remaining active members of their schools.

Before any child may be referred to the Hub, the school must subscribe to the Hub’s outreach services, known as Inclusion Support Solutions. Within this package there is access to Boxall Online, nurturing interventions such as Mindfulness, Nurture ABC etc. and more targeted one-to-one interventions for the most damaged children. Through this approach, NGN will ensure that no child will return to a non-nurturing environment once they transition back into full time main stream education.


The Inclusion Support Solutions (ISS) will be available to all schools that wish to install the nurturing ethos in their school. Services will be offered on an incremental scale, with schools opting for the level of support they need, starting from the bottom of the pyramid and working upwards based on their level of need. 

The child in crisis pyramid offers support to the school based on the severity of their need. It is not incremental, any school can opt for whichever support they want at the time they need it, however they must have reached the 'child in crisis' stage on the ISS pyramid to have access to this high level support. 


In addition to the school outreach services and nurture group the Hub will also offer parental support, giving the opportunity for parents to better understand their child’s behaviour, and learn activities and strategies that will support the child’s learning and development. NGN will work to ensure that every environment a child is in will be a nurturing one, where their behaviour is understood, their wellbeing is taken care of and they are safe.

The Norwich Nurture Hub will be based at the Turner Road Centre in Norwich. This three-year project will launch in September 2018 when the Hub’s outreach support services will commence. The nurture group will be operational in January 2019, accepting referrals for key stage one pupils. Early years referrals will commence in April 2019 and key stage two referrals will begin in autumn 2019. Through Inclusion Support Solutions children and young people from early years through to key stage five will benefit from nurturing interventions while still in full time mainstream education.

The snug in the Turner Road Centre

On 26 January NGN held a community and funders open day, inviting over 300 local businesses and trusts to visit the Turner Road Centre and find out more about the project. We estimate that the three-year pilot will cost £250,000. We asked local businesses to support the children and young people of Norwich by pledging their support. Speaking about the open day, our CEO Kevin Kibble said:

“The Nurture Hub is an important and urgently needed project in Norwich. The open day is a chance to show the local community and potential funders what our plans are, and hopefully empower the public to get involved to support the future generations of this community. Our aim is to help Norfolk children to grow into ambitious, resilient and confident young adults. The Nurture Group Network commits to work for every child and young person to have access to a nurturing education and we won’t stop until that vision is achieved.” 

Find out more about how the day went in the Eastern Daily Press.

We are now actively looking for supporters who would like to help us in raising the money to fund the Norwich Nurture Hub. This could be through a sponsored run, a cake day at work, gifts in kind such as resources or simply your time to help us with bucket collections and bag packing.

If you are interested in volunteering your support for the children of Norfolk, please email

Read more about the Norwich Nurture Hub.

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