Dame Julia Cleverdon with Kevin Kibble

Dame Julia Cleverdon joined us at our Annual General Meeting

Monday 20th February 2017

We were honoured to have Dame Julia Cleverdon join the Nurture Group Network at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14th May. She congratulated Nurture Group practitioners, staff and members on the wonderful work they had been conducting but urged everybody to provide further support to all pupils in need.

Julia is listed by The Times as one of the 50 most influential women in Britain and is particularly recognised for her work as a catalyst for collaborative action in education and communities. Some of Julia’s key work has included co-producing an independent report in July 2013 to the Prime Minister that led to the founding of the government initiative, Step Up To Serve – a call to encourage young people to take practical action in the service of others. She is also a board member of the National Citizens Service, and former Chair of Teach First.

In her inspiring speech, Julia thanked Nurture Group practitioners for their vital work in children’s mental health in schools across the country and encouraged them to come together to raise awareness and encourage local businesses and communities to participate. The mental health of children is vital for the future of businesses and communities as well as those on the front line. It is fundamental that we work together to encourage the best possible future for young people and children.

She encouraged the Nurture Group Network to act as a voice for children across the country and to build on its strength - its active network. “If the people in power are statutes that might seem removed from everyday issues,” she stated “then we are the pigeons that can carry vital messages and make a hell of a mess for those statues.”  

So, what are we waiting for Nurturers? Let’s be pigeons! 


Elisa Mascellani 

Senior Policy & Public Affairs Officer