Nurture Week 2018 14th – 18th May

Nurture Week 2018 14th – 18th May. 

We’re really excited about Nurture Week coming up this May, when we have a menu of activities that you can get involved in throughout the week.

The activities for the week are:

  • Monday: We have a special announcement to make on this day
  • Tuesday: Applied nurture - Great examples of nurture in practice. You can send pictures to our Twitter and Facebook channels of how you apply nurture principles
  • Tuesday: Ready for SATs - 60 Mindful Minutes. Cards selected by Claire, to prepare children for exams
  • Wednesday: Another special announcement and the importance of Snack Time / Nurture Lunch. It would be great to invite children and staff to have a snack in your nurture room
  • Thursday: Pass the nurture on' - Your nurture group decorates and fills a box of things that symbolise nurture and pass it on to another group or to an MP, spreading the word about the power of nurture
  • Friday: What did your celebration of nurture look like? - Send us pictures or mini clips of your nurture week
  • Friday: ‘Beyond the nurture room/school’ – How does nurture not only support children but parents and families. We'd love to hear your success stories about how nurture reaches to the wider community. You can send us a story in any medium.

There will be an opportunity for you to fundraise for your nurture provision not only for Nurture Week, but as an ongoing activity. We’ll help you by supplying some downloadable resources throughout Nurture Week.

These are just some of the options we have planned on each day, but you get involved in the activies any day you'd like.

Throughout the coming weeks, we will be talking about Nurture Week's events on our Facebook group and Facebook page, also our Twitter feed.