The Outstanding Contribution to Nurture Award

The Outstanding Contribution to Nurture Award recognises the significant impact an individual has made to the lives of children and young people through nurturing approaches in education. It was established in 2017 and has recognised the importance and impact the life work of education professionals who have gone the extra mile. 

Winners have included:

2017 - Colette Marston, Regional Coordinator for the Nurture Group Network and longtime nurture groups supporter, education professional and school governor. 

2018 - Janet Stuart, Head of Nurture for Derbyshire County Council

2019 - Sylvia Lucas, Nurture Lead at the first non-pilot nurture group at Kingsmead Infant, Head Teacher, and longtime supporter of nurture

The process includes being nominated by a colleague, or friend who can tell us the impact your work has had and put into words the passion that you have in transforming the lives of children and young people in education. 

The winning nomination from 2018 was made by Suzanne Meikle-Janney for Janet Stuart (Head of Nurture for Derbyshire County Council) and here is Suzanne’s submission:

"In Derbyshire, we have been running nurture groups since 1999 and Janet and I were there at the start. After completing our NG training at Cambridge in 2000, and meeting Marion Bennathan, we were hooked and have not looked back since.

Under the guidance of our Head of Service and a very experienced nurture teacher (who had both worked in Derby City at a long-standing nurture unit), Janet helped to develop a unique nurture model in Derbyshire.

As Derbyshire is challenging geographically it was decided that rather than children come to nurture, nurture should come to the children at their school. The travelling model was born.

Our model is to go to a school, after consultation with the headteacher, BST, EP etc and set up a part-time nurture group. This would be run by a teacher and teaching assistant from our team and would typically be for 3 afternoons a week for the duration of a school term (approx. 12 weeks). Nurture staff are then able to work closely with the school and parents during that time to fully support the pupils. School staff can work/train alongside our staff so that they can carry on the provision when the placement ends.

So far we have visited over 200 schools and have 90+ nurture groups running in schools across Derbyshire. We have also delivered the National NG training to over 100 delegates, to which Janet has been fundamental to this success.

Not only is she an amazing nurture teacher, but she speaks with such passion, commitment, and warmth, that when she visits schools/agencies/universities/conferences etc. people are captivated and inspired."

The Outstanding Contributions to Nurture Award is for an individual who, over a sustained period of time, has embedded and shaped the nurturing ethos in the education community and practice through their actions, leadership or intellect.

This award will be made to the recipient who, in the opinion of the nurtureuk judging panel, has made a profound and lasting contribution to the world of nurture in education, and whose conduct and character enjoy the esteem and admiration of colleagues in the sector.

The individual must have had a long, professional career in the education sector spanning 10 years or more, during which time they will have championed nurture groups, nurturing schools or other nurture-linked practice that has supported children or young people with SEBD/SEMH.

If you'd like to nominate someone you think has made an outstanding contribution to nurture, you have two routes to do this; you can fill in the  Google Form we've created or use the Word document .

The window for nominations closes on April 2020 and the winner will be announced at Summer School in 2020.