nurtureuk deliver violence reduction programme kent

Nurtureuk to deliver violence reduction programme in Kent

Nurtureuk were announced today as a delivery partner for the Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)’s Inclusion in schools project. From November 2020 nurtureuk will support 10 secondary schools across Kent to become nurturing schools as part of the VRU’s Inclusive Schools programme, working to create more inclusive schools across Kent, reducing school exclusions and supporting young people in Kent and Medway to increase their self-esteem and foster inclusion in education.

CEO of nurtureuk Arti Sharma said: 

We are delighted to partner with Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit to support as many young people as we can through a nurturing approach. Supporting social and emotional development is a fundamental part of a young person’s education. With the ongoing pandemic creating such uncertainty, nurture is needed now more than ever. Together with Kent VRU we will work with and support schools in Kent to adopt a more inclusive approach for young people in schools, supporting mental health, putting young people at the centre of their education and creating a culture where aspiration, motivation and application are understood to be the keys to success.”

In the Inclusion in schools project, nurtureuk will deliver our established National Nurturing Schools Programme together with our Nurturing Family Engagement programme to create a holistic approach to nurture in education and at home, so all pupils, parents and school staff can work together to create a culture where young people can thrive and achieve through their education.  

The Kent and Medway VRU is adopting a public health approach to tackling youth violence drawing on the example and success of the city of Glasgow. Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education for the City of Glasgow said:  

“At the initiation of the programmes that led to Glasgow’s ‘Towards a Nurturing City’ work, Education Services in the City Council worked closely with nurtureuk to install training, systems and culture based on the Six Principles of Nurture.  The impact of our nurturing approaches across the city has been transformational in the lives of thousands of our children.  It’s my strong belief that the skills and behaviours developed through instilling nurturing principles in schools and nurseries across Glasgow has been a major factor in the massive reduction in school exclusions and youth violence on Glasgow’s streets over the past decade.”

Mark Powell, Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit Lead said:  

“We are really pleased to be working with nurtureuk as they have a record of delivering high quality work in schools that has transformed how young people are understood, and has helped young people to do well. The aim of the VRU is to commission innovative services that enhance existing good practice, and nurtureuk are providing bespoke approaches that will help schools to find creative ways to engage students, families and staff. We hope to build on the work that nurtureuk have done with the London VRU so that the schools we are partnering with can raise the aspirations of students. We believe that this project will help young people to grow, stay safe and to feel confident about their future.”

In January this year, nurtureuk was announced as one of three delivery partners with London VRU, working with 30 schools across the city to embed a nurturing approach throughout the whole school.