Payment and invoicing enquiries


I need to set nurtureuk as a new supplier, how can I get the relevant information?

Your can download a letterheaded document containing the required information by clicking here.

I am looking for confirmation of nurtureuk's bank details.

Your can download a letterheaded document containing the required information by clicking here.

A payment has been taken from my account, how can I find out what it was for?

If the amount taken from your account corresponds to any of these: £180/£390/£450/£600/£900/£1,080/£1,620 then it is likely to be for the Boxall Profile Online (BPO). Our BPO platform is set up to automatically renew subscriptions and take payments. You can ask the admin user for your BPO account to log on and check payments and invoices from their dashboard. 

If the amount does not correspond to any of those, then please contact us.

How can I get a copy of my Boxall Profile Online invoice?

The admin user for your BPO account can log into and download a copy of your latest invoice/receipt from their dashboard.

I made a purchase via your website and opted to be invoiced, when will I recieve a copy of my invoice?

Do not worry if you do not get your invoice right after your purchase, it might take us a few days to email you a copy. If you haven't received anything after 15 days then please contact us. Please note we will only send the invoice to the email address provided against 'invocing contact' which might not be yourself. 

How can I get a VAT invoice/receipt for a card payment made directly on your website or learning platform?

If you pay by card directly on our website/platform, we won't automatically send you a VAT invoice/receipt. If you do require one, then please contact us.

I'd like to book several colleagues for an online service, can I get an invoice for payment?

If you would like to book online services for 3 or more individuals and require an invoice for payment (and you are not offered that option in the booking process), then please contact us with the name of the service you would like to book, the number of people and the invoicing details (address, postcode, email the invoice should be sent to). 


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