Inclusion Support Solutions

With nurtureuk’s proven track record, the high quality services we offer and many years experience in training teaching staff, our expertise in nurture in education is recognised worldwide. Nurture practitioners recommend us as the world’s leading authority on nurture in the education sector. Everything nurtureuk does has the child at the centre, and we want to ensure that no child is disadvantaged or excluded through a lack of understanding or access to appropriate support.

With one in 10 school children being identified as suffering from a mental health problem, worrying levels of stress and exhaustion among teaching staff and a growing exclusion crisis currently sweeping through the education system, we acknowledged the need to develop a programme that provides headteachers and teachers with a full array of simple, flexible and yet effective support
options to create a happier, more resilient and successful school community.

Inclusion Support Solutions (ISS) is the service that embeds nurturing culture and ethos in schools to improve the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of pupils, while improving the wellbeing of staff in schools – from caretakers to head teachers. A nurturing environment and curriculum is an entitlement for all. As with everything we do, the ISS programme is underpinned by the six principles of nurture, successfully implemented in nurture groups for over 40 years.

The Inclusion Support Solutions programme is a ‘graduated nurture’ approach for school improvement in all settings. The annual buy back programme entails a mandatory foundation step (N1) followed by a suite of tailored support alternatives/options as the below diagram below shows:

For more information about the ISS, you can download the brochure here - Inclusion Support Solution brochure, to see how our new service can benefit you.