60 Mindful Minutes


This programme is designed to support  children and young people within both the mainstream classroom context and nurture group setting. The key aim is to introduce and practise mindfulness, which increases children’s life skills by supporting them in developing the ability to soothe and calm themselves; to pay attention to themselves in the world and to think about and reflect upon their actions and their relationships. 

This highly practical and user friendly resource highlights that mindfulness is not simply an abstract body of knowledge. It is, in essence, a practical set of skills. For human beings, daily living is often extremely stressful and busy. Mindfulness supports us in becoming more fully aware of living right now, in the present moment. There is also an increasing body of research that shows it can ultimately have long term benefits for both our health and our levels of happiness.  

To find out more about 60 Mindful Minutes, you can download the userguide to learn how to use the box set.

This publication is £60 including VAT (£50 excluding VAT)