60 Motivational Minutes


The 60 Motivational Minutes is the final part of Tina Rae's 60 Minutes trilogy.  As with both the Sensory and Mindful Minutes all the activities are beautifully presented on individual cards and are relatively straightforward in terms of delivery and organisation. The instructional are clear and easy to follow.  The accompanying booklet also provides the practitioner with the rationale for the programme and gives some helpful hints on delivery, within both the nurture group and other classroom contexts.

The 60 Motivational Minutes activities aim to:

  • Teach students the skills that are essential for building optimism and resillience
  • Recognise and combat negative thoughts that bring about loss of self-esteem and even depression
  • To understand there are certain ways of thinking that they can employ to make their lives go better

Positive psychology has been described as a scientific study of subjective wellbeing. This is the technical term for what we would call 'happiness' and the factors that enable us as individuals in order to grow and develop and sustain ourselves in a positive manner. Key to the approach is the focus on what actually works for us as individuals, as opposed to the continual analysing of what has gone wrong or what we are not good at. This is particulaly important given the current prevalence of mental health issues amongst our young people.

The goal of positive psychology is to:

  • Enhance human strengths such as optimism, courage, honesty, self-understanding and interpersonal skills
  • Positive psychology provides a means of helping the individual to use inner resources as a bolster against setbacks and adversity in life.
  • Developing such skills helps to prevent individuals from becoming depressed

The resources are set out in three sections as follows:

  • Part 1 - Things we can do to motivate ourselves
  • Part 2 - Things we can do to keep motivated in mind
  • Part 3 - Things we can do to motivate others

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