Affirmation Cards

Discover our newest publication!

Nurtureuk is excited to announce the release of their new resource Affirmation Cards.

This resource is intended to be used with children and young people. As professionals working with both groups, we are very aware of the need to develop timely and preventative programmes of support to prevent the escalation of mental health difficulties and to ensure that individuals can and do develop their own repertoire of self-help skills and strategies. The need to nurture our wellbeing and prevent the escalation of more complex mental health problems has never been more apparent.

This beautifully designed resource comes with brightly coloured positive affirmations on one side of A5 gloss cards with tasks and details on the back for professionals to use.

Positive affirmations:

  • Target specific subconscious beliefs through short, positive statements
  • Challenge and undermine negative beliefs
  • Replace negative beliefs with positive self-nurturing beliefs

The resource is split into 6 sections each with 10 cards.  Each section is as follows:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Building resilience
  • Increasing positive thinking
  • Building bravery and grit
  • Happy habits

This publication is £30 + VAT