Nurturing Peer Supervision

This new publication from nurtureuk highlights the fact that wellbeing in schools is a fundamental pre-requisite for healthy, constructive, and productive quality teaching and learning. Both students and teachers need to be supported, fit and well to be inspired and inspiring. This does not happen without the right support mechanisms and mindsets for all involved in the teaching and learning process.

In essence, “…for teaching and learning to be at its most effective, teachers should have high levels of wellbeing, self-efficacy, and confidence.” (Schleicher, 2018 p.89) and “If we want our school staff to do what’s asked of them in relation the children’s mental health, then we first need to make sure that their mental health and wellbeing is effectively supported.” (Fonagy, 2018)

This is the key rationale for producing this new resource which presents a new system for peer group supervision which is designed specifically for those supporting some of our most vulnerable children and young people in the nurture group and beyond.

The evidence base for the approach is also presented and the on-going research is described.

The resource also provides the practitioner with all the tools and resources necessary to introduce, set up and deliver the Nurturing Peer Supervision system in schools.

If you are serious about staff wellbeing and understand the need to ensure their mental health is both nurtured and supported to enable them to be effective in their role, then this is the must have resource for you.

The resource is divided into 4 sections as follows:

Part 1 Introduction to supervision

Part 2 The Nurtureuk model - Nurturing Peer Supervision

Part 3 The research project

Part 4 Appendices and formats for delivery

It provides all you will need to set up and maintain effective peer supervision systems which truly nurture and ensure the professional development of your Nurturing teams.

Please note that we may contact our customers to ask for their feedback as part of this pre-launch.


A4 paperback

The publication is £25 and is VAT exempt.