The Bereavement Box

Understanding and supporting children and young people through grief and loss


'The Bereavement Box is a sensation! It offers teaching opportunities like we have never known. I did an activity in a training course last week, and the teachers were blown away'
- Professor Barry Carpenter

Every one of us will, at some point in our lives experience a significant loss and have to suffer the grief and bereavement that ensues. This course will provide a useful platform for raising staff awareness of the issues and complexities of working with bereaved children and young people, prompt further discussion and planning around the their needs, and give confidence in how to converse with, and give support to, a bereaved child or young person..

This course will cover

  • What constitutes grief and how the grieving process works
  • What happens when ‘good grieving’ doesn’t take place
  • How to understand the emotions released during bereavement
  • How and what conversations we should have with bereaved children and young people
  • How we can work with children and use easily available resources to support the grieving process

Who should attend?

This training and resource is suitable for anyone working with children and young people.

The Bereavement Box

This resource is beautifully presented on individual cards and is straightforward to follow in terms of delivery and organisation. The box also comes with an instruction booklet providing helpful hints on how to use the cards flexibly and effectively to meet the individual needs of grieving children and young people.

This is a half-day course.

For more information, please call 0203 475 8510.