Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching is a technique that was originally developed to help parents better support their children and has since been adapted for use in education settings.  Specifically linked to the nurture principles language is a vital means of communication and all behaviour is communication, emotion coaching is designed to help children understand their emotions and learn strategies to help support them.

This is achieved by adults being able to:

• attune to the child or young person’s emotions
• recognise that negative emotional experiences provide opportunities to develop positive relationships 
• acknowledge and validate the child or young person’s emotions
• help name their emotions and problem solve


Brief overview of the course 
Drawing on the work of Dr Tina Rae and Amy Such, the course will outline the five steps to implementing emotion coaching when supporting children and young people.  Delegates will work through practical examples and by the end of the day should feel equipped with the strategies needed to implement the approach in their setting.

Target audience
This course is aimed at education practitioners, working with any age group, who are interested in better supporting the children and young people they work with through the use of emotion coaching techniques, the Boxall Profile, the Boxall Profile for Young People and the Boxall Online are invaluable assessment tools for any staff working with children from early years through to the end of secondary education.

This is a one-day course



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