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Nurture Practitioner
Managing Actual and Potential Aggression in the Classroom

A one-day course provided by a senior CPI instructor and nurtureuk Training Officer

Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA®) is an accredited course from the nurtureuk, working in partnership with the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI Europe) and the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD).

Brief overview of the course

• Identify behaviour that indicates an escalation towards aggressive and violent behaviour and take appropriate measures to avoid, decelerate and/or de-escalate crisis situations
• Assess the level of risk with crisis behaviour and make appropriate decisions related to the management of such risks
• Identify the impact of crisis events and describe post-crisis responses which can be used for personal and organisational support and learning

Target audience

This course is of particular relevance to staff who work with children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural needs, and who wish to improve their practice within the nurture group and classroom. Staff gain the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent, decelerate and deescalate crisis situations.


Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA®) is a BILD accredited course that will help practitioners to identify behaviours that indicate an escalation towards violence and aggression and to take appropriate measures to avoid and de-escalate this behaviour. Some children may display disruptive behaviour while they are settling into a nurture group or classroom. This behaviour may increase until the child feels genuinely safe, secure and able to build attachment relationships with the staff and peers. As staff, we have a duty of care to ensure the welfare and security of everyone. This course identifies the skills needed to ensure that behaviour is managed in a positive and safe way for all those concerned.

For your school, MAPA® will:

·         Develop a consistent approach to behaviour management.
·         Improve staff retention.
·         Create and maintain a safe, caring and respectful environment.
·         Demonstrate your commitment to a safe learning environment.

For your teachers, MAPA® will:

·         Decrease the risk of injury by reducing physical incidents.
·         Improve staff communication by establishing a common language.
·         Minimise the anxiety associated with uncertainty during a crisis.
·         Enable them to feel confident and supported at work.

For your pupils, MAPA® will:

·         Provide guidance about making positive behaviour choices.
·         Equip them to learn and thrive in a safe and respectful environment.
·         Show them positive role models who can manage difficult situations.
·         Develop coping skills by engaging in the debriefing process.

What’s Included?

·         MAPA® course workbook
·         Registration with the Crisis Prevention Institute
·         Six principles of nurture groups poster 
·         nurtureuk individual membership for one year
·         Certificate of Attendance

For the latest information on MAPA® training within education, please visit http://www.crisisprevention.com/Blog/April-2015/Every-Teacher-Should-Get-This-Training

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