"The training was very hands on with lots of ideas that can be taken back to use at school."
Primary School Teacher
Nurture ABC™
Aspire, Build and Connect with LEGO®



Nurture ABC™ (Aspire, Build, Connect) course will follow LEGO® Education’s 4C approach to learning and the facilitation approach, explore traditional uses to engage pupils with the curriculum. It will in addition look at problem solving, expression and exploration of emotions and stimulate the imagination of both the practitioners and pupils.

Nurture ABC™ encourages pupils to express their thoughts and ideas symbolically, which is a more playful, creative and hands-on way of engaging pupils of all abilities. The method ensures a secure and non-judgemental process for solving problems, expressing personal feelings and breaking down barriers that can affect achievement in curriculum based topics.

Brief overview of the course

Delegates on the course will be given opportunities to have their own experiences with the Nurture ABC™ box. They will also have the chance to reflect and organise Nurture ABC™ processes and applications.

Everyone is involved and takes an active role in the learning process, which consolidates your role as a hands-on facilitator.

Target audience

Nurture ABC™ is an exciting and practical course for Teachers, TAs, and Nurture Group staff. The course reflects Ofsted’s emphasis on building learning behaviour and inspiring children to learn.

Delegate resource pack will include:

• Personal copy of the Nurture ABC™ – includes over 226 LEGO® elements that have been carefully selected to provide a broad spectrum of ready-made ‘metaphors’

• A bank of ideas to practise in the classroom/nurture group

• Certificate of attendance

• Six principles of nurture poster

The course is charged £149 per person + VAT, and includes a Nurture ABC™ box per delegate. Please note this course is half-day, therefore lunch isn't provided.

Please note that due to the limited capacity for sourcing Nurture ABC™ boxes, each delegate will have the opportunity to purchase only one additional box after undertaking the course. 

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