"Brilliant training course, very informative." 
Nurture Practitioner
Wellbeing Toolkit 2 for Professionals

Considering that staff in schools are now more likely to be in contact with children with mental health problems, it is of the utmost importance that they receive appropriate training. Wellbeing in schools is a fundamental prerequisite for healthy and productive quality teaching and learning.  Both children and teachers need to feel supported, fit and well to be inspired and inspiring. The Wellbeing Toolkit 2 is a programme of professional development to promote and maintain resilience and personal effectiveness.  

Brief overview of the course:
The 20 sessions (all of which have their own powerpoint presentation) in this toolkit aim to provide the necessary resources to enable staff to enhance their own wellbeing. Staff who come on this one-day training course will gain a deeper knowledge on these sessions, including: 

•    Understanding and assessing your mental health and wellbeing
•    Developing wellbeing through creative activities
•    How to be an emotion coach
•    Managing your stress - building your tool box
•    The resilience snake - building resilience using key tools and positive psychology.

Target Audience:
This course is of particular relevance to all staff in the education sector who understand the importance of developing their own repertoire of skills and therapeutic tools for working with children and young people, but they also use these skills as part of their own approach to maintaining their own wellbeing/mental health.  

Delegate Resource pack will include:
You will receive your own copy of the Wellbeing Toolkit 2 (valued at £85.00 including VAT, which includes all the powerpoint presentations that you can take back to your school and implement confidently.  

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