Why Behaviour?


Nurtureuk proudly present a course for all staff in schools including Lunchtime supervisors, administrators and grounds people. It is a non-contact course and will focus on how and why behaviour escalates and how we respond to the behaviour.

Pivotal Education and the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), collaborated to create the Pivotal MAPA® Management of Actual or Potential Aggression for schools training programme. CPI and Pivotal Education training courses have been embraced worldwide for their highly effective approaches for preventing and managing behavioural incidents.
Head of Ofsted inspectors, Amanda Speilman (2018) stated that “there is scope for more dialogue with a wider range of staff – such as trainees and lunchtime supervisors – who are more likely to witness poor behaviour”.
Ofsted will be looking at the culture within schools. This will include how the pupils respond to staff in and out of teaching time. Ofsted will ask non-teaching staff about the behaviour and attitudes of the pupils while moving around the school and at break-times and lunchtimes.

This is a course for ALL staff who work in schools, have contact with pupils and who may have to manage unacceptable behaviour.

Brief overview of the course

  • Provides a model to organise staff thinking about how behaviour develops and explores a common language to help manage calm consistent adult behaviour and staff communication
  • Raise awareness of non verbal communication
  • Examines verbal communication
  • Consider antecedents that may influence behaviour
  • Explore restorative approaches

For your school, Pivotal MAPA® will:
·         Develop a consistent approach to behaviour management.
·         Improve staff retention.
·         Create and maintain a safe, caring and respectful environment.
·         Demonstrate your commitment to a safe learning environment.

For your staff, Pivotal MAPA® will:
·         Decrease the risk of injury by reducing physical incidents.
·         Improve staff communication by establishing a common language.
·         Minimise the anxiety associated with uncertainty during a crisis.
·         Enable them to feel confident and supported at work.

For your pupils, Pivotal MAPA® will:
·         Provide guidance about making positive behaviour choices.
·         Equip them to learn and thrive in a safe and respectful environment.
·         Show them positive role models who can manage difficult situations.
·         Develop coping skills by engaging in the restorative process.

Who is it for?

This course is of particular relevance for all staff in schools including Lunchtime supervisors, administrators and grounds people

Delegates will receive:

  • Pivotal MAPA® course workbook
  • Registration with the Crisis Prevention Institute
  • Six principles of nurture groups poster 
  • Certificate of Attendance

This is a half-day course, charged £110 per person + VAT.


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