Northern Ireland

We are delighted that as part of the Northern Ireland Executive’s ‘Delivering Social Change’ framework aimed at tackling poverty and social exclusion and improving children and young people’s health, wellbeing and life opportunities, the ‘Nurture Unit Signature programme’ has funded 20 newly established nurture groups and supported 10 existing nurture groups to continue in primary schools across Northern Ireland.  The Nurture Group Network has trained all the teachers and school staff involved setting up and delivering these nurture groups.  The initial funding for the project was made available until the end of June 2015 and was subsequently extended to March 2016. Due to the project’s success, funding has now been committed to until at least June 2017.

Our policy work in Northern Ireland includes promoting the success of this programme and we look forward to sharing the results of the programme across the UK when the results of the independent evaluation, carried out by Queen’s University Belfast are released in Autumn 2016.

Download our policy briefing for Northern Ireland.