Hooray! New commitments to a whole school approach to wellbeing across Wales

8 October 2018

We were pleased to see that the Welsh Government has set up a Ministerial Task and Finish Group to look into how they can support all schools across Wales to adopt a whole school approach to positive mental health and wellbeing. 

This is great news for pupils, teachers and whole school communities across Wales.  As a recent report by the Assembly’s Children, Young People and Education Committee pointed out, it is estimated that three children in every classroom will have a mental health issue and, “we need to intervene much earlier, addressing the seeds of distress before they take root”.

Over the last year, increasing numbers of schools in Wales have joined the National Nurturing Schools Programme which supports staff to embed a nurturing culture throughout their school, based on the 6 principles of nurture, enhancing teaching and learning and promoting wellbeing for all.  We hope that this new focus from government will encourage more schools to put nurture and wellbeing at the heart of their school culture, curriculum and environment.

This new government commitment makes our Welsh National Conference, on 21st November at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff, particularly timely.  The conference will be ‘A national approach for a nurturing education - tackling adverse childhood experiences’ and brings together a range of experts from the sector, including from the Welsh Government, Education Achievement Service, and our specialist trainers and consultants. (You can find out more and register for the Welsh National Conference here.)