NGN calls for urgent action to improve wellbeing in schools

2 May 2017

NGN calls for urgent action to improve wellbeing in schools following joint Education and Health Select Committee report, ‘Children and young people’s mental health - the role of education’

Today the Education and Health Select Committees published their joint report into the role of education in children and young people’s mental health.  The report highlights the vital role that schools play in promoting and protecting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing but warns that funding pressures are having an adverse impact on the ability of schools to provide adequate support.

It also draws attention to the importance of schools taking a whole school approach “that embeds the promotion of well-being throughout the culture of the school and curriculum as well as in staff training and continued professional development” and states that “it is a false economy to cut services for children and young people that could help to improve wellbeing, build resilience and provide early intervention”.

Chief Executive of the Nurture Group Network, Kevin Kibble welcomed the report saying:

“We can no longer ignore the critical need to improve wellbeing and mental health support in schools.  Not only are cuts to services in schools that support children’s wellbeing a false economy, they let down the most vulnerable of our children and young people. 

“We particularly welcome the report’s recommendation that a whole school approach to the promotion of wellbeing is adopted.  NGN’s National Nurturing Schools Programme does exactly this, enabling staff to develop and embed a nurturing culture throughout their schools.  It enhances teaching and learning, and promotes healthy outcomes for pupils by focusing on emotional needs and development as well as academic learning in the whole-school environment.

“It is disappointing that the early election meant that the Committees did not have time to go into more depth into these issues and we echo the MP’s call for the successor Committees to return to the issue as a matter of urgency in the new Parliament.”

You can read the report here.

You can read NGN’s evidence submission to the inquiry here.