The Man in the Moon

This programme offers a practical and user friendly series of resources to captivate young people from the ages of nine to 14. It is a real winner in terms of building social and emotional development and positive behaviours within the nurture group and in mainstream classrooms.

The programme introduces the notion of philosophical enquiry and engages young people in philosophical thinking and questioning while building on their social and emotional awareness. There is also a focus upon the notion of social responsibility. This is a unique publication based on a story in 18 chapters that addresses issues of loss, bereavement, bullying, love and tolerance, racism, power, justice, truth and virtue. This is an epic story and a genuine odyssey for the central character. Young people are also encouraged to consider these issues in turn, debating key questions and beginning to formulate and articulate their own views and ideas in these key areas. Examples of the kind of questions that the young people will be engaged in answering are as follows:
• What is death?
• What is a god?
• Are people equal?
• Is it sometimes right to exclude others?
• Why do we get ill?
• What is ‘normal’ behaviour?
• What makes a good friend?
• What is love?
• How do we grieve?
• Why do people bully?

This publication is £25