Nurturing Social and Emotional Skills

This resource book aims to provide staff in both mainstream and special contexts with resources to develop and deliver a programme to support the development of students' social, emotional and behavioural skills. It is based on nurturing principles and provides not only the necessary resources to set up and run such an intervention but also a comprehensive programme of social skills activities and resources that aims to build on the five SEAL domains. The design and content of the programme clearly take into account the needs of children and young people who, to varying degrees, have been unable to access the basic and essential learning that is usually a direct result of close, secure bonds with care-givers in the early years. The difficulties they experience are generally related to stress experienced by parents/carers that impaired the early nurturing process and consequently led to impairments in both cognitive and emotional development.

This publication is aimed at the secondary age range.

154pp A4 paperback

The publication is £25 and is VAT exempt.