Inspection reports

We are exceptionally proud of the comments made by Ofsted, Estyn and HMIE inspectors on nurturing and nurture groups.

School inspectors always remark on the massive changes that attendance at a nurture group can have on a child's behaviour, social skills and emotional wellbeing, and truly help to build the case for the broader rolling out of nurture across the UK.

Estyn Reports

Tackling Disadvantage and Child Poverty in Schools (January 2010) (paragraph 45) talks about how nurture groups have been used to raise aspirations for those students from the most deprived and vulnerable backgrounds.

Evaluation of the implementation by schools and local education authorities of guidance on exclusions (2007) describes how nurture groups have been used to reduce the number of permanent exclusions from schools.

Estyn Inspection Report of Pembrokeshire Local Authority's Education Services (paragraphs 54 and 120) discuss the beneficial impact of nurture groups across the whole local authority.

HMIE Reports

Developing successful learners in nurturing schools: the impact of nurture groups in primary schools explores the impact of primary nurture groups in Scotland.

Out of site, out of mind? investigates work being done in local authority bases and special schools, and highlights nurture group as an example of best practice.

Ready for Life contains a case study of the work being done in nurture groups to improve students' emotional resilience and social skills (p.16)

Ofsted Reports

The exclusion from school of children aged four to seven discusses how nurture groups can reduce the number of permanent and temporary exclusions in very young children.

Managing Challenging Behaviour contains a case study of how nurture was effectively used by one local authority to engage a young person in study and voluntary work (p.14)