Reviewer guidelines for papers submitted to IJNE

The IJNE operates a policy of double-blind peer review which is facilitated by the Journal. Reviews are owned by the Journal and are not published.

Nurtureuk is grateful to the Editorial Board who review submissions.

Papers submitted to IJNE are first screened by the Editor and may be initially rejected or accepted. If deemed appropriate for review, the manuscript is passed to two reviewers on the Editorial Boad with guidance on how to complete the review process. They are asked to either accept the paper with no revision, minor revisions or major revisions. Where major revisions are suggested, they are asked if they would be willing to look at a second submission of the paper after revisions have been made.

The reviews are then shared with the author(s) of the paper with a date for a second submission. Where major revisions have been recommended, the second submission is then sent to the initial two reviewers for a final review and verdict on the inclusion of the paper.

The Editor makes the final decision in case the two reviewers disagree on the outcome of the submission.

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