Ensuring quality in nurture group provision

Thursday 8th June 2017 - Kevin Kibble, CEO

A key component cited in the Queen’s University Belfast research into nurture groups and their impact and cost-effectiveness, is that the quality of delivery is vital to the success of the group. NGN provided all the training for the nurture groups in this study with all the groups being run to the standards imposed by the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (QMA). We are proud to announce that a group that meets these standards can now carry the Boxall Nurture Group® registered trademark. Anything short of this is just not a nurture group.

Why did we introduce this trademark? We were increasingly concerned about reports of unregistered trainers purporting to be able to deliver nurture group training and knowledge, thus enabling the creation of nurture groups that were not following the exacting standards of the QMA. Evidence clearly shows that to achieve the exceptional results that nurture can deliver, standards need to be met along with tried and trusted methodology. The standards of the QMA are specifically designed to effectively support vulnerable pupils.

To qualify to be a Boxall Nurture Group® two trained nurture practitioners must be in the group at all times and at least one of these must hold the Certificate in Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups. All pupils must be assessed and monitored by the Boxall Profile, and the nurture room itself conform to approved standards and format.

Run properly, nurture groups are an effective and long-lasting intervention for children and young people with social, emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties, but like many things in life, quality counts.

If you want to know more about quality and effective nurture education contact us at info@nurtureuk.org or call our consultancy team London 020 3475 8980 or Paisley 0141 280 0524.