What works in Secondary Nurture? Contribute to best practice

9 July 2018


Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford OX2 9AT

Are you currently working in a secondary nurture group, or do you have a nurture group running in your secondary school? We are looking for experienced practitioners to share their best practice around what works in secondary. 

Oxford Brookes University, in partnership with the Mulberry Bush Organisation, OXSIT and nurtureuk, is delighted to announce that a Research Conference will be held on 30 October 2018 at Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford, with the aim of generating a model of best practice for Nurture Groups in secondary school settings.

All delegates at the conference will be experienced, current Nurture Group leaders in secondary schools across the UK. This will be an opportunity for practitioners to meet, reflect and share ideas around Nurture Group practice in secondary school settings; the challenges, the strengths and the impact.

There will be no charge for attending this Conference because all delegates will be active research participants during the day. This will involve questionnaires, recorded presentations and Focus Group interviews about best practice.

To ensure that all delegates have a voice at the Conference, numbers have been limited to a maximum of 30 delegates only.

To register for this exciting and innovative CPD opportunity, please email Dr David Colley at dcolley@brookes.ac.uk