Research Week 2017

15th October 2017 

Stay tunned for Research Week 2017!

Between the 15th and 20th October, we'll be sharing with you ideas and tips on how to evidence your practice, measure your impact and engage with research!

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Monday: How to use data to evidence your practice? 

-- Why is the Boxall Profile so important for children in nurture? 
-- Measure the impact of your nurture group 
-- Demonstrate your impact during school inspections 

Tuesday: All about the Boxall Profile
-- Restandardisation of the Boxall
-- Updates to the Boxall Profile Online 
-- Assess all pupils in your school using the Boxall 

Wednesday: Keep growing as a practitioner 
-- Benefits of having a critical mindset  
-- Further reading when preparing your assignment 
-- List of websites for practitioners 

Thursday: Get involved with nurture research 
-- Thinking about postgraduate studies?
-- Doing a PhD while working in education 
-- Topics of interest for research on nurture in education 

Friday: the bigger picture for evidence
-- How research creates change in educational policy
-- NGN's approach to research and evidence