Updates to the Boxall Profile Online

17 October 2017 - Dr Florence Ruby 


Since its launch in 2015, the Boxall Profile Online (boxallprofile.org) has gone through many periods of improvements and summer 2017 was no exception! We worked hard to add new functionalities and ensure that the website is as user-friendly and useful as ever.

Whether you are an experienced user or a newcomer, have a look below to learn more about the great functionalities that have been added to the website.


As a reminder…

If you have never used the website to assess pupils, here are the key benefits of using the Boxall Profile Online:

  • Have all your Boxall Profiles in one place, and look at the progress of pupils at one glance!

Each new child assessed is given an “EBP” code (for Electronic Boxall Profile), and all the Boxalls done for that child are saved together so that you can easily track the pupil’s progress.

  • Create learning plans and have access to all the resources from the Beyond the Boxall Profile Handbook, and many more!

Once you’ve done a Boxall, you can create a learning plan directly on the website. Select the target areas you want to work on, identify the strategies you will use and go through ideas of tools and resources you could use to help the child develop the skills he or she needs – All in one place!


New functionalities added in September…

Many tools have been added in September to make it easier for practitioners to use the website. The important ones are described below:

  • Create class or group overviews of the Boxall

As a nurture practitioner, it is sometimes helpful to have an overview of the needs of the whole nurture group. As a mainstream teacher, understanding the needs of your whole class is equally important! This is why it is now possible to create class or group overviews, which show you all the Boxall Profiles in one place. It will highlight the children with the most needs, but also the strands where the whole class is having difficulties. Have a look at an example below: 

  • Use the Boxall Profile 2017

In summer we’ve restandardised the Boxall Profile to make sure that it is up-to-date and reflect the children currently in primary schools. If you are assessing a child in primary school (up to 11) or below, the website will automatically use the BP2017. However if you want to use the previous version if the Boxall Profile, you can still manually select the type of assessment you would like to do. To learn more about the restandardisation, have a look at our blog post here.

  • Opportunity to download your data

If you are a data-savvy practitioner, you will have the possibility to download all your data in csv format. You can then import the data in Excel or other data management systems and play with it in any way you wish, creating beautiful graphs or summaries. 

  • New design of the Boxall reports

We’ve also improved the way the Boxall Profile looks, to make it easier for users to read the data. For each strand, the norm is now indicated in green. That corresponds to the range of scores a competently-functioning child in primary school is expected to obtain. The score of your pupil is then given both on the bar as a grey diamond, and at the end of the bar as a number.

As a practitioner then, your aim is to help the child develop the skills they need, which on the report will be trying to “move” their grey diamonds closer to the green areas.  

  • Many more little tweaks!

We've also made many little tweaks such as being able to delete EBPs and Boxalls, or being able to filter your Boxalls according to date of assessment, class or year groups. 
If you want to read more about these changes, have a look here


To sign up to the Boxall Profile online, click here. Once you create an account, you'll be able to create one test Boxall for free to give you the opportunity to play with the website and explore its functionalities. 

If you have any questions regarding the Boxall Profile Online or would like to know more about the website, please contact Florentina Melinte at florentina@nurtureuk.org