The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award



To recognise the work of nurture groups that have been running for two years or longer, nurtureuk runs an accreditation scheme for excellence in nurturing: The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (MBQMA). 

The MBQMA is a real honour for the schools that achieve it.  Reflective not only of the hard work of the children and young people, but the dedication of the staff, and provides a hard evidential base for the oft-quoted statement that nurture works.

Since the inception of the MBQMA in 2007, more than 100 establishments have successfully achieved the award.  Many schools have already achieved re-accreditation with some excellent practice now embedded into their whole school approach.

The process of achieving the MBQMA ensures that there is an evidential base of good practice set against national standards, which is not only useful for inspections, but also planning, reviewing and reflecting on effective practices and the impact and outcomes.

The cost for both accreditation and re-accreditation is currently £395 + VAT.

You can download the application and guidance form, FAQs and our top tips by clicking on the buttons on the right. You can also download the application and guidance as a word document.

For those looking to apply, and meeting the essential criteria, please complete Part One (Establishment Application) only and email it to