MBQMA - Re-accreditation

Establishments that gain the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (MBQMA) have to be assessed for re-accreditation after three years.  Re-accreditation will consist of a file of evidence that updates the establishment information, meets the standards maintained, evidences changes and developments, provides quantitative and qualitative progress of current and past children/young people and includes whole school training and developments.  Particular strengths and good practice evolved through experience should be articulated, particularly showing how a nurturing ethos has been achieved across the school, multi-agency working, planning, resource development, supporting parents, etc. Any areas identified for further development in the previous award allocation, will have been addressed, showing evidence of the impact. 

There is no expectation from nurtureuk that you should repeat the file of evidence required of previous assessments. However, there should be evidence that the standards are still in place, with on-going developments and improvements noted in all areas. The re-accreditation process consists of a file that provides evidence of changes and developments: 

  • Updates on the establishment’s information 
  • Documents that the standards have been maintained 
  • Provides quantitative and qualitative progress on current/past children/young people 
  • Tracking data of cohort of children now attending the nurture group 
  • Includes whole school training and developments 
  • Multi-agency work updates 
  • Planning changes in light of experience and working with different children 
  • Resources development 
  • Supporting parents of cohort of children attending the nurture group 
  • Policy development 
  • Whole establishment practices 
  • Current timetable 
  • Exemplar of one child/young person covering assessment and selection, through to outcomes and re-integration. 

If the room has not changed, then there is no need to add further photographs, but if your support for parents has grown significantly then you would need to evidence that and explain why, also noting personnel involved, dates and times of events and evaluations including a case story, if this would demonstrate the effectiveness of your approach. You will also need to show that further developments on the previous report have been addressed and evidenced accordingly. 

The re-accreditation should be a useful process for you, enabling reflection and review and hopefully confirming excellence in your practice and deserving national recognition. 

Your MBQMA is valid for three years.  The cost for re-accreditation is £395 + VAT

To re-accredit your existing award, please email awards@nurtureuk.org.