MBQMA - Grovelands Community Primary School, Hailsham

Together with Associate Trainer, Miranda Collins, I presented Grovelands with their first MBQMA award in March. The award was presented in a whole-school assembly, where the nurture team showed a video, highlighting to the whole-school, what it is they get up to in the nurture group on a daily basis. The film was a great way to share the nurture practice and a wonderful celebration of the quality of the provision at Grovelands. After the assembly, Miranda, the nurture children and I were treated to tea and cake in the school staff room, and we were taken on a tour of the school, where we could see first-hand all the different layers of support the school has to support every single child in their care. Special congratulations must go to Catherine Adams, Natalie Squires and Paula Pearson for all their hard work on this journey.

By Gillian Fewins