MBQMA - Holy Evangelists' Primary School, Belfast

Principal, Claire Robinson, Wendy Roden, nurtureuk, Jackie Neeson, Little Seeds teaching assistant and Maura Foy, nurture teacher


It was a privilege to present the MBQMA at Holy Evangelists’ Primary School for Little Seeds Nurture Group in May 2019. There was a sense of pride as the staff and pupils accepted the award. This reflects the long-term commitment to nurture at the school. Congratulations to the whole school on your marvellous achievement.

By Wendy Roden


Holy Evangelists’ PS and NU achieve the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark

Little Seeds Nurture Group has received the outstanding achievement of the MBQM Award, which recognises the wonderful work of the staff in developing each little seed blossoming and growing into happy, confident learners ready to take on any challenge in school and at home each day.

The nurture group opened in 2010 when the school was lucky enough to receive Big Lottery funding. With the help of Colin Neighbourhood partnership the programme has gone from strength to strength, and the staff have continued to nurture many more children since the first little seeds entered the magical room back in its inception.

The nurture team Mrs Foy and Mrs Neeson work tirelessly and with such passion for each child, they work in close partnership with each of the teachers and their genuine compassion for the children and their stories is something is to be admired and commended. The staff really do put the children first, and the homely atmosphere they create in their room is felt by every child, staff member and adult who visits. The involvement of the children’s families during their time in Little Seeds, helps develop excellent home school partnership which is something of which we believe is a real strength of this school, as it develops strong relationships built on trust, genuine love and care for the children and that can only lead to all children reaching their full potential in school and at home, with a good support network around them.

This award belongs to the children. From the minute they enter the doors each day, their smiles, laughter, their stories and each little milestone help make each day in Little Seeds a truly rewarding and priceless experience. To see a child flourish and grow, to take on new challenges and to be genuinely happy little learners in school, is testament to the dedication of the nurture team and the ethos that now permeates the Holy Evangelists’ school family.


Memories of Little Seeds

(In memory of Miss Donna Stewart, nurture teacher)

By Paige McMullan P7


First of all, a fun class,

Any judge would give it a pass.

I remember one day the bread went bad,

But were we sad?

No! We went outside and fed the birds.

That was the first time we saw a squirrel.


I remember cereal, pancakes and toast,

I loved pancakes the most.

Of course lots of games to play,

A new one came every day.

Miss Stewart was really kind,

One of the best teachers you could find.

Really not like any other,

Like the most amazing of Autumn colours.

Little Seeds it was a blast,

In my mind it will always last.