MBQMA - Ysgol Bryn Deva, Flintshire

As you know Jack Sargeant AM was there for this MBQMA reaccreditation presentation - this was poignant because Jack replaced his father as AM for this area after his death in November 2018. 

Carl Sargeant gave the first award to Bryn Deva and so the staff were very touched that Jack was able to give them their second. In addition to this Jack was also a pupil at Bryn Deva and was taught by Helen Evans and Samantha Rush who are two of the three nurture staff members. Jack commented that Bryn Deva's award did not surprise him because he had grown up there and had been part of the Byn Deva family, he stated that they had nurtured him and given him everything he needed to move forward and achieve.

Two of the pupils (Josh and Megan) also talked about the impact of nurture on their confidence and learning and this was particularly moving and encouraging. In addition to Jack Sargeant there was Councillor Ian Roberts who is the cabinet member for education and leader of Flintshire County Council who commented to Helen Evans (acting head teacher and part of the nurture team) that the impact of nurture was incredible and praised Bryn Deva for their approach. He added that he always recommended them to other schools in the area as a place to see best practice in nurturing principles.

The nurture team are Helen Evans (black and white spotted top) Samantha Rush (pink top) and Jenny Redfern (glasses).

By Claire Wilson