Nurtureuk closes Norfolk Nurture Hub pilot project

Nurtureuk has completed the closure of its pilot to provide onsite nurturing provisions for Norfolk children. The Norfolk Nurture Hub pilot has been a success in providing provision for a number of young people and we have learnt valuable lessons on the way forward, to provide a model for future projects. However, nurtureuk made the decision to close the site earlier this year and in light of the pandemic and reduced finances, the charity believes this is the right approach in the current circumstances.

Nurtureuk has established strong relationships within the region and will continue to deliver and support schools with the whole school approach to nurture remotely as it has done across the UK. Supporting schools and local authorities in whole-school nurturing programmes along with the use of the Boxall Profile Online to assess children and young people for social, emotional and behavioural issues, remains at the core of our charity and we will continue to support educational professionals across the east of England.

We will also continue vital research into an Early Years version of the Boxall Profile Online which will enable childcare professionals to assess children as young as two years in their developmental process. This project, started at the Norfolk Nurture Hub, working with Early Years settings across Norfolk, is expected to be completed later than anticipated due to the coronavirus, in 2021. 

We remain committed to an inclusive education system and accessibility for all and we are confident the nurtureuk teams across the country will continue to deliver this successfully in schools. Ends

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Quotation: Nurtureuk CEO Arti Sharma said: “We decided to close the pilot study early in response to a changing local environment. It became apparent that the pressure on local school’s budgets made referring pupils to the nurture group provision problematic without outside funding support. Much has been learned from the pilot that nurtureuk can take to working, not just in Norfolk but in other parts of the UK too. We hope to use the lessons learnt from this pilot project to evolve our charity over the next few years.”