Florentina Melinte

Florentina is currently the Boxall Profile Online Product Manager at nurtureuk. Soon after joining the charity, she became the Boxall Childhood Project (BCP) Co-ordinator which provided her with the opportunity to develop an excellent understanding of the online tool and its pivotal role in the work of nurtureuk.

She has been closely involved in the non-profit sector for over a decade, working with organisations aiming to improve children’s educational journey and their wellbeing. Florentina’s commitment to the voluntary sector has provided her with the perfect environment to develop as a professional and both her legal (fully-fledged foreign lawyer) and business backgrounds (risk management practitioner) offer a different flavour to her work in this sector.

Florentina believes that every child across the world has the right to a good start in life irrespective of their background, and her call is to use her skills and experience in everything that directly supports this outcome.

In her spare time, she is a passionate hiker, enthusiastic snowboarder and an avid reader.

Florentina can be contacted via email at florentina@nurtureuk.org or by phone at 020 3475 8980.