Jacqueline Brooks

Jacqueline joined the board in June 2011, having previously provided various services to nurtureuk. Jacqueline was a Senior Manager in the NHS for the main part of her career, having overall responsibility for Primary & Community Health Services in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull. She has an MA in Health Care Delivery with her special subject being the relationship between deprivation in children and health outcomes in later life. She has been a research fellow in the Health Services Management Centre at Birmingham University as well as a stint at Sorbonne University in Paris.

She then retrained in Law and was called to The Bar at Gray's Inn twelve years ago. As well as being a management advisor, Jacqueline also now specialises in Employment Law and advises a range of clients in the public, commercial and third sectors.

A Geordie by birth, she is well-travelled, having lived and worked in Croatia, Macedonia and Russia as well as the African bush.

She joined the board of nurtureuk because of her continued interest in the relationship between children's early life experiences and their becoming effective citizens in adulthood - but also because she thought they needed more management and legal skills on the board.

She has a daughter and two grandchildren.