Léa Verlaguet

Léa is nurtureuk's Operations Manager.

She joined the charity as Training Coordinator in March 2016. She had previously studied at Newcastle University, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Media and Public Relations. Before that, she was awarded with a Master's in Management Marketing from the University of Chester. Curious about the non-profit sector, she made it the object of both her research projects. While living up North, Léa also volunteered for The Children’s Foundation and helped organise events to celebrate the charity’s 25th anniversary.

Léa is happy to take on challenges and constantly find new ways to improve customers’ global experience, thanks to her knowledge in both management and marketing communication.

Originally from France and eager to travel, Léa went to business school which allowed her to spend a year in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. She also travelled to North America, China and Europe and hopes to lengthen the list very soon!

Léa can be contacted by email lea@nurtureuk.org or by phone 0203 475 8510.