Nurturing tools and strategies

Why pupils' wellbeing is everything

Teaching is always about more than just delivering a curriculum or helping pupils to achieve academic success. 

Children and young people are often faced with difficulties at school or home which, as well as affecting their emotional wellbeing and social skills, create barriers to learning. To unlock pupils’ potential, teachers need to provide them with the support they need to feel safe at school, to be able to get on with other pupils, and develop the confidence and resilience they need to succeed both academically and in life.         

children in class room playing sand

Nurture in the classroom

We offer schools a range of tools and resources to address pupils’ emotional and behavioural needs. The aim isn’t for teachers to focus on the children with the greatest needs, but to develop an inclusive, whole class approach that allows them to access all their pupils, by removing individual barriers to learning.   

Our nurturing tools and resources can be used throughout the school day (in the classroom or in small groups) to help children develop the skills they need to engage with their learning and make the most of their time at school.

These strategies may include, for example:
girl lifting weights

Making time for social-emotional learning, either during targeted PSHE lessons or by embedding it throughout the curriculum.

A boy celebrating by punching the air

Giving pupils the opportunity to practice their social and emotional skills – for example by encouraging them to work in pairs and groups. 


Small child sitting in a cardboard and wearing an helmet and backpack pretending to take part in a rocket launch

Modelling good social and emotional skills themselves, when interacting with pupils and other staff members.

A boy holding a watering can over his head

Monitoring the social-emotional wellbeing of the whole class, using assessment tools like The Boxall Profile®.

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