East of England

Jeni Barnacle


It has been a real challenge for me to condense what nurture means to me into a few paragraphs. I have been involved with nurtureuk since 2002 and been at key events in its development. nurtureuk is about providing the best outcomes for all children based on solid theory, reflective practice and positive relationships. 

A fellow advocate of nurture, Ray Arnold, once said to me: “Jeni, you will get your reward in the next life”. I laughed at the time but it is true, in the sense that nurture is not about short-term fixes, but about providing long-term foundations for individuals in their future.

I have welcomed the opportunity to be Regional Co-ordinator for East Anglia and am looking forward to developing closer working relations with other counties in the region beyond Norfolk, which has been my focus for the last 14 years.

My personal targets for the role are to further increase the local nurture network and increase the number of groups going for the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award in East Anglia. 

I would love to hear what is happening with nurture in your part of the region. I welcome invites to networking events and can provide signposting for strategic contacts. My email is jeni@nurtureuk.org